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Rental Policy

  • The rental fee is $90 ($75 for the 1st print) for a period of five months.  It includes shipping ($6.99) by USPS Media Mail, 2-3 days delivery service.  Renter will also receive a box with return label for later use.

  • The renter should first pay the full price of $180 ($150 for the 1st print) plus shipping ($6.99).  See details below.  For Payment by PayPal or personal check, only the bottom line number is needed for payment.


        For one book: 

 * Initial payment by renter: $186.99 ($156.99 for the 1sr print)

 * Reimbursement to renter after book is returned in good condition: 90 + 6.99 + 6.99 = $104 $89 for the 1st print).

 *State sales tax for Texas deliveries will be paid by seller.  State sales tax for other states is the responsibility of the buyer.

  • The renter should return the book within five months the renter receives the book. Once the book is returned and found in good condition, Foxpoint Publishing will refund the renter $90 ($75 for the 1st print) plus the shipping cost ($6.99) and the return shipping cost ($6.99 for USPS Media mail).   Delay will incur a fee of $25 every two weeks until the initial deposit is consumed.

  • The returned book should be in good condition without any damage (such as torn pages or cover, pages damaged by spilled liquids, etc…), and little markings, writing, underlining, highlighting, or major wear.  If there is any concern about the book condition, the renter should email Foxpoint Publishing to settle the issue before returning the book.  Foxpoint Publishing will refund or partially refund the renter depending on the condition of the book as received.

  • Should there be any disagreement between the renter and Foxpoint Publishing, the “Terms and Conditions” used by Amazon for book rentals will be followed. 

  • After making the paymernt, please send us an email indicating that this is a rental: Email:

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